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Will I Be Touched By The Scare Actors?
No, you will not be touched by any actors when experiencing the haunted house.

Is Video Recording/Photography Allowed? 
Yes, video recording, and photography are allowed. We ask that no flash photography or videos be taken for the safety of our cast and crew, and to not interrupt the experience for other guests.

What Are The COVID-19 Policies?
The Last of Us Haunted House will adhere to all CDC guidelines, and cancel showtimes or previews if needed due to certain conditions. The health and safety of our guests, cast, and crew is our #1 priority.

What Safety Precautions Are Taken To Ensure Guest Safety/Satisfaction?
Our experience is under active surveillance for the duration of the event, to ensure all rules are being followed. We have active communication systems with our team to ensure issues are addressed right as they occur.

What Can't We Bring Inside?
No pets, weapons, beverages of any kind, drugs, any type of smoking device, laser pointers, flashlights, food, or bags are allowed inside the experience. Complementary storage will be provided prior to entering the haunted house.

Will The Attraction Open If It Rains/Other Weather Conditions Occur?
Depending on the severity of the condition, we will determine if it's safe or not to open that night. Our experience has some outside areas but mainly consists of an indoor enclosed haunted house space. 

What Is The Protocol For Halloween Costumes/Masks?
Absolutely NO Halloween masks are allowed inside the event, except on the day of HALLOWEEN. Costumes are allowed for all showtimes of the experience. Those wearing any type of covering mask except for October 31st will be asked to remove it prior to entering.

Is It A Maze? Will I Get Lost?
No, The Last of Us Haunted House is a set path and a one-way stroll through the different rooms and experiences.

Can You Be Removed From The Event?
If any guest whatsoever disobeys the Misconduct Policy stated above, we have the right to remove them from the event. Violation of any of these results will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the event site and a permanent ban for future year's experiences.

What Is The Average Wait Time?
Our cue times can vary from 0 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the attendance, time of day, and specific night. Prior to the entrance, guests will watch an introduction video, have guidelines reviewed by a staff member, and be asked to leave any prohibited items behind while they experience the haunted house.

Most Importantly, Is It Fun/Scary? 
Yes! The haunt is designed to be a fun/thrilling event for all guests. During our family-friendly showtimes, the experience is less frightening due to the lack of real actors, loud music, and more daylight. Our nighttime full productions have live actors, loud music, fog, flashing lights, and extreme darkness. 


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